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  • How to use the power of story
  • Tell a story so the kids want to know how it ends.
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  • How to use your energy to bring kids with you
  • How to use your voice to keep the kids focused
  • How to start learning to be a professional teacher

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"This is such a valuable tool and the fact that it is made to be free for instructors is incredible. I have many years of experience in teaching dance, and after teaching fitness over the past 10 years, I am so excited to bring my love of teaching, fitness, and yoga together in my new kids yoga business."

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Maggie, Dance Teacher

“Your free crash course gave me great ideas for my first foray into the arena of teaching kids, so I'm very grateful for that, and, I have to say, I'm seriously inspired!”

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Stephanie, kids yoga teacher

“This was the best crash course I have ever taken in my professional career. Jaime, you are full of positive energy and your transfer that energy to your audience!”

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Jane, school teacher